New Patriarch Added to the White Swans of Buckinghamshire

This revelation was accidentally uncovered with a duplicate tree in the master file, which happens sometimes with this much data when something presents itself in a different way that initially isn’t able to be matched.

My co-researcher in England noticed that there was a duplicate entry for George Babb (b. 1835) in my last post (The Ancestry of Walter George Babb (b. 1861) is revealed – Babb Unabridged).

As I moved to correct it I found yet another duplicate entry. George’s wife was Elizabeth “Eliza” Clark and I found 4 entries that matched her name all with the same approximate birthdate. Two were as expected for George Babb, but two others showed as duplicates for marrying an Edmund Babb. I should mention there that it is a different Eliza Clark that married Edmund. They are from Buckinghamshire, not Somerset.

As I went to deduplicate those entries I found that one of them was Matched to the Buckinghamshire Tree and the other was a floating fragment that somehow eluded having a Pedigree name at the top of it’s tree.

What it did have was another generation that was not included in Buckinghamshire Pedigree (Penn 1830). This tree was formerly named Buckinghamshire Pedigree 02 under Ian’s system). I have been converting the old system into a new one that allows me to see at a glance what town the family is in and the date of first record for that tree.

At the top of the unmarked tree fragment, was Edmund Babb (1783-1844) with source documentation for his entry. This Edmund is the grandfather of the Edmund (1828-1885) that married Eliza Clark.

So, I’ve made the correcting entries and they are now altogether again under the updated Pedigree Name Buckinghamshire Pedigree (Penn 1783). This tree is one of 3 trees that align under the White Swans of Buckinghamshire Y-DNA Lineage.

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