Special Delivery for Mrs. Mitchell Babb

This post card presented a series of questions that needed to be answered. First, off, who was Mrs. Mitchel[l] Babb? Who was Mitchell Babb? and who is the young lady pictured on the front of the card?

Hattie (Surname is Unknown)

After a little detective work I uncovered that Mitchell was the son of Martin Van Buren & Hannah (Tucker) Babb (3-3-1-1-5) of the line we refer to as the “Green Men of Maryland”. The line dates back to 1735 in Anne Arundel, Maryland.

As you will note from the mailing address, the couple lived in Flat Rock, Indiana, which is in an unincorporated section of Washington Township in Shelby County. These days it is in a suburban area near Shelbyville.

Mitchell was married twice, so to get to the answer about which wife I had to dig a little. I compared the post mark date to the known information for Mitchell. He married Melissa C. Girton in 1899 and his second wife Dollie Barger in 1912. Given the post mark date of 1908, this would have been sent to Melissa. Melissa died in 1910 the day before Valentines Day.

The identity of Hattie, the sender of the card is more obscure. I’ve scoured both Melissa and Mitchell’s family trees and was unable to come up with anyone that fit the bill.

Hattie however, has a great sense of humor and takes the opportunity to poke fun at her image with the phrase “If this don’t keep crows away nothing will.”

Mitchell & Melissa didn’t appear to have any children, which is the same case for his 2nd wife Dollie. This situation is likely how the Post Card left the family and eventually ended up for sale on eBay where I found it and repatriated it with the Babb Family Association.

More info on Mitchell

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