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After the flurry of photos I’ve been posting in recent days, my to do pile is starting to grow thin. That happens very rarely. Since I had some free time I decided to get on my favorite off the wall Genealogy site, eBay.

I immediately came across a picture of a young Max Wellington Babb dated in 1916 that someone had for sale. I had absent mindedly clicked on it and then the phone rang and stole my attention from the screen. About 10 minutes into my call I found myself staring at the image on my screen when it dawned on me that I knew that face. It was our Max!

Compare for yourself and you will see how obvious the correlation is. The new image is on the left and the image from yesterday is on the right.

Now, I’ve been trolling eBay for Babb items for more than a decade and I’d never heard of Max prior to writing my post the day before. So, how could it be that there was another picture of him sitting out there? I was so confused.

Double-checking the auction I found that they indeed have him listed as Max Babb and said the image is a copy of one found in the Library of Congress or NOAA. This makes sense as he was in charge of the Chicago Federal Reserve for a number of years.

Proud of my find I proceeded to go through the list of available items and to my wondering eyes I found several more pictures of Max. It seems that the people that I bought yesterday’s picture with FDR from are selling off a series of photos from the visit.

Several of the photos had a watermark, and they are presented that way for simplicity purposes and to be timely. The backs of the photos reveal several things that were not apparent when making the initial post. The factory is in Milwaukee and there was in deed a meeting prior to the factory tour. Also, Max is seated in the back left side of the car. I had initially thought he was the person standing outside of the car and couldn’t account for why he looked so young. It turned out that Max’s face was obscured in the first photo.

I’ll be purchasing the first two pictures in the set as they both clearly show both of them.

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