Will the Real Ernest Babb Please Step Forward?

I need to post a retraction on an incorrect association I made yesterday about one Ernest Babb. The offending post has been corrected. The Photo is for a different Ernest Babb from the same tree. But the Ernest Babb pictured was born in the UK before moving to Australia. He did not come to America and raise a family. So, here is the proper story and a repost of this fantastic image.

Ernest Babb is actually the Nephew of the Ernest Babb who came to America and is featured in my post from May titled: Ernest Babb – From Cornwall to Galveston.

The Ernest pictured is the nephew of the Ernest who moved to Galveston, TX.

Ernest also holds the distinct honor of having served in BOTH World Wars. Above you will find his WWI service record which apparently aligns to the photo given that he would have been 26 at the time of his first enlistment.

Little info appears to be available regarding his WWII service, but I’m attaching the index entry which carries a little detail about it.

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