Announcement: 10th Proven Y-DNA Lineage

The waiting game for the two outstanding Y-DNA tests from Cornwall Pedigree 02 have come in and are resoundingly different than the other 9 established lines of Babbs throughout the US and England. But the tests provided a match for each other!

While I was waiting on the results I took a deep look into the available records. There will always be more work to do, but at this time I see no link to the Babbs of Western Devon and those of Eastern Cornwall. What I did find is that the dates of the records in Western Devon are roughly 200 years after they are found in Eastern Devon. We might find that there is a crossover, but the Western Devon Babbs are likely descendants of the Cornwall Babbs and not the other way around.

This is one of the 3 main clusters of Babbs in Cornwall and accounts for 962 people which is 60% of all known Cornwall Babbs.

As is our tradition I have created a Crest for this new 10th DNA Proven Lineage of Babbs. The image honors the Celtic History of Cornwall with a stylized tree whose roots and branches form Celtic knots. There are 3 colors of leaves which represents the the three boundaries of the county (Northern Shore, Southern Shore and the county line with Devon.

Henceforth their official name will be known as Celts of South Petherwin, Cornwall which dates to 1776. We may eventually prove a link to the significantly older lines along the Northern and Southern Shores, but finding the right candidate will take more time.

Today we celebrate the arrival of our first Babb family of Cornwall!

For those wishing to dive in deeper I have attached a descendant report below.

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