Cornwall Pedigree 04 Merges into Cornwall Pedigree 02

In another move toward unification we have proven a link between Cornwall Pedigree 02 & 04. Thomas Babb (b 1791) who heads Cornwall Pedigree 04 has been proven to be the son of Thomas & Margery (Wadge) Babb. The link was made by comparing a recently uncovered Baptism record, the information left on his Census Records about where he was born and one of his Marriage Records (He was actually married 3 times).

1841 Census Record for Thomas Babb
Index Record for Thomas’ Baptism

With this discovery we have one less tree to DNA test and Cornwall Pedigree 02 now accounts for 58% of all the Babbs in Cornwall, England.

This couldn’t come at a better time as the first of of 2 Y-DNA tests for this lineage is at the Lab and is due to return the results by the end of July (but it usually comes in much faster). The second is steaming its way back to Houston, TX from Australia. With any luck we will be able to connect Cornwall Pedigree 02 to one of the existing Babb Pedigrees from Devon, but we will just have to wait and see!

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