Cornwall Pedigree E merges with Cornwall Pedigree 02

Having the Y-DNA test kit on its way to our DNA Candidate has caused a flurry of attention and today culminated in the merger of Cornwall Pedigree E with Cornwall Pedigree 02.

It turns out that the Samuel Babb who is at the top of Pedigree E is the son of Thomas & Margery (Wadge) Babb. A sharp Genealogist pointed this out to me and after verifying the locations I realized that the location of Samuel’s Baptism is only a few miles away from where he raised the children listed in the other tree.

I’ve just merged them together and the new Parent Tree will be Cornwall Pedigree 02 going forward.

This also reduces our count of trees in Devon and Cornwall that still need to be merged/tested down to 40 (soon to be 39 when we get the results back from this episode of the DNA Waiting Game).

It’s still a heady task, but progress is measured in millimeters here.


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