Hussey DNA Results have posted

Back in October, I announced that the DNA Sample was being secured by a direct male descendant of Christopher Hussey. This was done in pursuit of the answer to an eternal question about whether his Grand-daughter Bathsheba, who married Thomas Babb (1-2), actually descends from English Royalty.

I said at the time that there were three possibilities, a confirmation, a rejection or more information needed.

DNA has a way of throwing curveballs into your well intentioned plans and this turns out to be no exception. The answer is that more information is needed.

There is a very small pool of matches and unfortunately none of them are Husseys. However, there is almost no one with that surname or its known variants on the site. So, for now we will bide our time waiting for a match to pop up some day in the future. We can take solis that Buckingham Palace appears to recognize this connection when it was disclosed that Prince Harry and Megan Markle are distant cousins through her Hussey lineage in the US.

I want to thank our candidate for giving us the opportunity to try and find the missing puzzle piece. While we don’t have an answer yet, it is sure to happen someday.

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  1. Dan

    Did you find out which “Finding Your Roots” episode was covering the Babb’s?

    Thank you,
    Lesley Babb Hagen

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