Replica Dough Bowl purchased for Homestead

As many who attended the Babb reunion last summer will recall, the 1800s Dough Bowl from the Babb Homestead has a large crack down the center and is in fragile condition. Knowing this we keep the bowl in the main building at the Greeneville Greene County History Museum where it can be climate controlled.

This left a gap in its place on the dining room table in the 1787 Seth Babb Homestead and we have purchased another antique bowl as a stand in. It is also from the 1800s and stands at 26″ Long, 21″ Wide and 5.5″ Tall. We plan to have a replica base made by our resident Blacksmith and place it in its pseudo rightful place inside the homestead.

Historic Replica Dough Bowl

This bowl is decidedly not from America and came from Bulgaria across the globe. It is now safely in the hands of the museum who will shepherd it through the remaining process and get it on display.

Historic Replica Dough Bowl

I was contacted by Betty Fletcher, the Operations Director who was very excited upon receiving it. She believes is likely a “wormy chestnut wood.” It is a little heavier than the original but is an excellent stand in.

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  1. very interesting I remember it being cracked, but need more info about a dough bowl, was it used to make bread or dough for other treats??

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