Here goes nothin!

I’m going to attempt to launch the membership portion of tonight and will be issuing trial memberships to anyone who has previously purchased one. This includes those whose subscriptions have lapsed.

I am fighting competing urges. One tells me to upload everything and then make the memberships, but then people will start creating their own accounts and that will mess up my system.

So, please bear with me and I promise you will enjoy coming home to the Babb Family Association.

The new membership program will allow you to renew your membership online as needed and to view members only content, such as the entire history of the News & Notes Newsletter dating all the way back to 1989!

I’ve got the first volume of those newsletters up for your review and if you will bear with me I promise there is so much more to come!

In all I count about 35,000 pages of content (though some will require additional purchase).

There is so much to come that I’m too excited to get it going and can’t wait to have it all together first (as if any genealogist ever said they were done! LOL)

I’ve included the cover for the first volume in the 2nd Edition of Babb Unabridged to peak your curiosity. The edition currently stands at 28 books containing more than 12,250 pages. It will initially be available for download only and will be available in print as soon as it has been peer reviewed (hint, hint, that is you!).

I’ve decided that I just need to rip the band-aid off and go for it.

Ready, Set, Go!

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