The Family Bible of Francis Marion Babb

I was contacted by a new member about a Family Bible that he came into possession of following the death of his uncle. He aunt was about to throw it out if he didn’t want it. Thankfully he rescued it from the landfill and found me!

Together we were able to track down that this is the Family Bible of Francis Marion Babb, son of Joel Heard Babb of the North Carolina Babbs.

The Bible, while in a frail condition, unleashes a wealth of previously unknown information about Francis and Mary’s family unit.

In all it lists 8 children of the couple and only 3 of those were previously known through formal paper trails. Such is the lot of Family Bibles. They serve as birth certificates in times where courts failed to collect them or when records were lost to fire and time.

More research is needed to understand the full impact of this document, but it will certainly help graft 5 children that were previously lost back onto the Master Tree.

I’m so pleased to bring this to you today!

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