1. Charles Harding Babb, Jr.

    Born in Moosejaw, Saskatchewan CANADA, Blanche Borgen was a great hockey player turned figure skater, one of 5 or 6 sisters.
    After winning a public event of ice dancing with a partner in Montreal, she was invited to Hollywood, CA to skate in a popular film.
    Returning to Canada, Blanche studied nursing and qualified as a top stewardess with a cross Canadian airline.
    Juan Trippe of Pan American Airlines was opening his first office in Vancouver B.C. Blanche’s first husband had been shot down by the
    Germans in the Battle over Malta, I think. She met my Dad while interviewing with Mr. Trippe to gather and train his stewardesses. They
    met and dated for several years before marriage at the Lexington Hotel in Rochester, New York. General Jimmy Doolittle, who had recently
    been promoted following his incredible assault on the Japanese homeland – with the “Doolittle Raiders” – served as best man, giving the bride
    away. Coincidentally, General Doolittle was present at the Lexington Hotel in November of 1952 at the annual convention of the National Aero-
    nautic Association – my Dad presented a strong and well thought out approach for the future of domestic and commercial aviation. Following his
    presentation, returning to their room, Dad simply lay down on the bed and suffered the “stroke” that killed him. Blanche, my mother was utterly
    devastated. “Uncle Jimmy”, my Godfather by then, oversaw the legalities and procedures for delivery to Forest Lawn in Los Angeles. I learned
    that these events transpired about three days before my sixth birthday. I became an adopted Doolittle. The Babb Company had closed escrow 30 days before Dad’s death. My younger brother Steven has memories – more distant than mine. We are both very grateful to have been brought
    into this world, this Babb family, the employees and their families, by an apparent act of a loving God. Thank you for inviting my comments.

    Charles, Jr.

    1. Daniel Greig Babb

      Charles, Welcome and thanks for all of this detail that we would never know without your generosity with the Flight Museum. I’ve been working to establish your line into the Master Tree, but have lacked some context to make the connection. I’ll email you privately with the details of what I know and what pieces I’m missing.

      Great to meet you!

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