Charles V. Babb of New York

I’ve got a new Ebay mystery on my hands. This press photo from 1937 lists a Charles V. Babb of Brooklyn, NY as an Aircraft Broker. I am not able to make a direct connection to Charles and wanted to share this picture in hopes that someone could help me identify the right Charles Babb. There is a Charles Babb who lived in Brooklyn but I have no corroborating evidence to place this picture with him. He is not in the 1940 Census and in 1930 there are two Charles’ each listed as Machinists.

Let me know if you can help identify him.

Charles V. Babb 1937 PhotoCharles V. Babb 1937 Photo-Reverse

The Ebay listing is here: Charles V. Babb 1937 Photo-Ebay Auction


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