The White Swans of Buckinghamshire, England

We have found a new Genetic line based in Buckinghamshire, England. This is the 8th DNA Proven Lineage of Babbs and represents another step forward in understanding our complex tree. The line, also known as Buckinghamshire Pedigree 01 dates back to before 1774 in the town of Great Hampden. As you may recall from my previous post The Babbs of Buckinghamshire, the area lays to the Northwest side of London and the other two lines in this county are tracked to locations within 8 miles of each other. They are also mere fragments of a line, so unlikely to yield a different result. We should still test candidates from the other lines just to be certain of their heritage, but it is highly probable that all the Babbs in this county are related to each other. Altogether, these 3 lines only accounts for 167 people in our tree, so finding that person to connect would prove challenging.

As you know each new lineage receives their own mascot and crest. This time I have drawn upon the county flag for inspiration, using the same color scheme and the symbol of the swan wearing a crown to craft this image. The Swan Emblem dates back to Anglo-Saxon times when Buckinghamshire was known for breeding swans for the King.

For those in the US this represents another county we can strike off the list for potential matches along with Somerset and portions of Devon.  Our best bets for matches are in Cornwall, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Staffordshire and the West Midlands as well as portions of Devon.


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