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Thanks to one of our members, I’m ordering some new replacement t-shirts for the Shoals Marine Laboratory (SML) on Appledore Island. As anyone who has been on a Reunion with me knows, I buy a T-shirt everywhere I go! I’ve got a shirt that I’ve worn out after all these year and am in need of several sturdy replacements. I wanted to share the information so that others who were interested could purchase their own.

Additionally, I am donating copies of the first 5 volumes of Babb Unabridged book series to their library so that those who brave the journey to his island and have questions about Phillip Babb are able to have them answered. These are the volumes that pertain to Phillip and his descendants.



You can review the key shirts available for sale here.

The items pictured on the site are as follows:

  • Navy blue 50th anniversary t-shirt, front and back pictures included
  • Bright blue v-neck t-shirt with squids and the SML logo on the sleeve
  • Grey t-shirt with SML logo with darker hems at the neck and sleeves
  • Light grey JB Heiser t-shirt, front and back pictures included
  • Blue t-shirt with a map of Appledore on the back
  • Light grey long-sleeved shirt with a whale, front and back pictures included
  • Blue long-sleeved 50th anniversary shirt, front and back pictures included


Not pictured on the website, but available is a heather-grey hoodie with the SML logo on the chest—the same one that is on the Appledore map shirt. The hoodie is a one-piece sweatshirt (no zipper) with pockets in the front and a very soft interior lining. The hoodie is $45, the long-sleeved shirts are $28, and the t-shirts are $22, with $5 for shipping. Please contact Samantha Claussen via email to confirm availability of the sizes you need before sending money. 

Samantha Claussen (
School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering
Shoals Marine Laboratory
Morse Hall, Suite 113
8 College Road
Durham, NH 03824

Phone: 603.862.2959

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