Book Announcement: Vol 11: Good Shepherds of Hatherleigh Devon

Volume 11 of the Babb Unabridged Series is now available! This installment takes a deep look into the 6th Genetically distinct Babb lineage. The book is available for sale using these links to Create Space and also via Amazon.

Vol 11-Good Shepherds of Hatherleigh, Devon CoverThe Good Shepherds of Hatherleigh, Devon are the 6th DNA-Proven Lineage of Babbs. The market in Hatherleigh sells sheep, cattle and poultry and the city is closely aligned with its identity as Shepherds. I have drawn upon this identity for the crest, which features two golden fleeced sheep in a pasture, which are protected by a lion hidden in the wheat. This represents the gentle power that it takes to tend to a flock. This 6th DNA Proven lineage is also known as Devon Pedigree 02, which dates to Edward Babb born 1675. It is important to note that this is not the only lineage of Babbs in the County (Shire) of Devon. So, pay extremely close attention when drawing connections.

The Crest used to represent this great house of Babbs is NOT historic, but a modern interpretation of what a crest for this family might look like. Using mascots will help everyone to remember which lineage they are a part of. Only lines proven via DNA have a mascot and crest.

And oh, yes! There is more to come! Stay tuned!


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