Book Announcement: Vol 09: Dragons of Somerset

Volume 09 of the Babb Unabridged Series is now available! This installment looks deeply into the 4th Genetically distinct Babb lineage, which has its roots in Trull & Pitminster in Somerset England. 18 months ago when I first started working on this volume I had no idea how deep the roots ran in England. I was struggling at first to come up with content and feared the book might not be able to pull together 100 pages of content for all of England.

That all changed last summer when Cherida Babb Coleman mentioned to me that her departed brother’s work was still at her house. We had talked about it vaguely before, but I never quite realized just how much work Ian Babb had done to map out every Babb in England, just as Jean A. Sargent had worked to map out every Babb in the US.

I made a trip to see her and digitized his records and have been wading through it ever since. Today’s installment ONLY contains the Babb Family of Somerset England, which I’ve nicknamed the Dragons of Somerset in homage to the Somerset county (shire) flag. Yet, it spans over 500 years, 5 continents and 1358 people. It is the single longest book in the series weighing in at 463 pages. I’ve done a great amount of work on all the lineages in order to provide as precise of an account as possible and I will hopefully be adding additional volumes quickly moving forward.

The book is available directly from the publisher Create Space and also via Amazon.

Vol 09-Dragons of Somerset - Book Cover

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