The Babbs of Hampshire, England

ian-henry-babbContinuing my review of the Pedigrees outlined by Ian Babb (pictured left), Hampshire was the home of a single Pedigree of Babbs, that appear to have terminated. The family originally from Portsmouth, Hampshire appear to have immediately moved to Kent in the Southeast corner of the country. Born to the family were 4 girls and a 1 boy. The sole male heir died at the age of 12. There may prove to be female descendants of this tree, but I don’t believe any male Babbs still exist from it. The mother of these children is from Devonport, Devon so they are possibly related to one of the Devon trees.

Note: Take caution not to confuse this with Portsmouth, New Hampshire in the US, or with Dartmouth, Devon where Phillip Babb of the Isles of Shoals is believed to come from. Hampshire is a county in the southern coast of England.

Follow the link below to review the Descendants of this line:


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