The Babbs of Cornwall, England

ian-henry-babbContinuing my series about the Babbs throughout England, we now come to the county of Cornwall, which is the very South West tip of England. Cornwall borders Devon, which is where the lion share of Babbs in the country originate. So, it is an important component to understand the big picture.

Here we find an even dozen Pedigrees (4 large trees and 8 minor ones), which are lettered instead of numbered, like the large ones are. Ian left no descriptions of his exact reasoning in how he named and numbered them, but it doesn’t matter. He was very thorough! Note that once again these trees are very likely to eventually be united as the locations are tightly clustered with only St. Dominick (sometimes Dominic) being only 14 miles (22 KM) away from the rest. All of the locations are close to the Devon border.

Follow the links below to review the Descendants of each line:


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