A Babb for President?

It wasn’t without a little irony that I found the time this week to research a connection I had heard about at the recent family reunion. It turns out that Hillary Rodham Clinton turns out to be a Babb!

Before anyone gets their dander up, let me make reiterate that this is not a political forum or an endorsement of any kind. Just a discussion of her family history. There are plenty of places on the Internet to espouse political views. Let’s keep this conversation fun and light.

You can pick your nose, you can pick your President, but you can’t pick your family.

Hillary descends from the Babbs of Somerset, England. Her second great-grandmother Jane Sophia Babb married into the Howell family from which her mother Dorothy descends. I’ve attached a document which shows the exact details.

As a reminder, the Babbs of Somerset have not been linked to any of the lineages in the US. Genetically speaking they are unique and a completely different tree than the bulk of our groups members. So there is no need to look for this connection in your own tree.

None of this is going to get you through the front door of the White House, but it’s fun to consider and the connection will be included in my upcoming book on the English Babbs. Clinton-Babb Connection

2 responses to “A Babb for President?”

  1. Hillary shares the same Babb genes as myself, coming from the same part of Somerset and back further from Devon. I will take no responsibility for my 6th cousin’s political decisions – but she comes from good stock!!

  2. I received a question on Facebook about the full lineage, so here you go:

    John & Joan Babb (abt 1510)
    Robert Babb (abt 1535)
    Robert Babb (1570) Trull, Somerset, England
    George Babb (1607) Pitminster, Somerset, England
    John Babb (1646) Pitminster, Somerset, England
    Anthoney Babb (1672) Pitminster, Somerset, England
    John Babb (1704) Wellington, Somerset, England
    Francis Babb (1745) Wellington, Somerset, England
    Francis Babb (1780) Bedminster, Somerset, England
    Francis Babb (abt 1819) Bridgwater, Somerset, England
    Jane Sophia Babb (1844) Avon, Gloucester, England
    Edwin John Howell I (1867) Bristol, Gloucester, England
    Edwin John Howell Jr. (1897) Elgin, IL
    Dorothy Howell (1919) Chicago, IL
    Hillary Diane Rodham (1947) aka Hillary Clinton

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