Drunk, Insolent, Disobedient & Babb

It isn’t the first time that these words were used to describe a member of the Babb Family. We have a long line of resisting authority figures and it turns out Charles Babb (3-1-4) of Anne Arundel, Maryland was no different. While proofing the tree for an upcoming book release on the Babbs of Anne Arundel, Maryland, I came across this service record for Charles. It reminded me of that old Babb battle cry “I’ve been kicked out of better places than this!”

While I’m on the topic, let me share some changes for the next installment of my book series Babb Unabridged. While organizing for what was to be my next book on the Babbs of England, I realized that I had omitted a lineage in the first 7 volumes. The omission was due to the order in which the books were first created, prior to release. I wasn’t sure how many volumes I would eventually break Phillip’s descendants into and was getting bogged down trying to learn a consistent way to format the books as well. So, I tackled the small uncomplicated tree of Benjamin Babb of Middletown, CT. This allowed me to define a basic format that would carry me forward through the rest of the series. Benjamin’s line eventually became Volume 6 Breaking Down Benjamin Babb of Middletown, CT (2), but not until after I went back and did the 4 books (Vol 2-5) that make up Phillip’s (1) descendants.

Next I tackled the Eastern Virginia (4) & North Carolina Babbs (5), but somehow passed over the Anne Arundel, Maryland (3) Babbs. I had it in my head that the lineage was minimal in size and that I’d include it somewhere else.

Last week I realized my mistake while proofing a chapter for my upcoming volume on the English Babbs, which was to be Volume 8. Alas, that isn’t meant to be. Volume 8 will instead recover those lost Babbs of Anne Arundel, Maryland and as soon as I complete my work on that volume I can get back to work on the English Book.

So, while you wait, please enjoy this service record and remember all the disobedient Babbs in your life. MIUSA1798_102860-00329

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  1. I’m looking forward to your work on the North Carolina Babbs. My father is descended from them, and the Georgia branch is/was indeed a rowdy bunch.

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