The Blood Thickens: Babb Rosetta Stone Update

You may remember a post of mine from January 23rd, 2016 where I was able to prove a relationship between the Babbs of North Carolina and the Babbs of Eastern Virginia (

After our promising results, we realized that we needed to upgrade the test results for our early test candidates so that we could see how close this relationship really was. The results are in and the two candidates match on 65 out of 67 Markers. Needless to say this places them in very close proximity to each other and is further proof of a recent (last couple hundred years) connection. Which is just what I would expect to see in this situation.

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  1. Hi, I believe I am part of the Babb line that came out to California. Mabel Maude Babb(1885-1951) daughter of James Cummings Babb(1850-1908), son of Joshua E Babb(1820-1852), son of Caleb Babb(1798-1871) and Sarah Seaton(1802-1871). I have done the FTDNA and 23andme autosomal DNA but don’t know what to do with it to see if I belong to the line you are studying or not. I’m not sure if we have the names right after James Cummings Babb either, but I think so. Would be fun to know! Thanks, Danelle

    • I hope that you have found the answer long ago regarding your question on my blog about trying to find your families place in the tree. If you haven’t already, your family descends through Thomas Babb up to Phillip Babb of the Isles of Shoals.

      I just found out today that WordPress has been collecting comments for years and never told me about them. So, I’ve got a lot of catchup to do.


      • Hah! Well, I did the documentation part from, but using DNA to contribute to research…never found anyone that was doing it. Thanks for the reply though, no matter how much time has elapsed. Feels like a minute, in genealogy research time.

      • I just did some research and was able to pull together the tree you describe. I’ll Private Message you tomorrow with a copy of your part of the tree. In short you are a descendant of Phillip Babb of the Isles of Shoals which is the single largest line of Babbs and accounts for about 80% of the US Babbs.

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