Looking for Descendants of Lester Angelo Babb (2-1-8-2-10)

Are there any readers who are descendants of Lester Angelo Babb? After a thorough search of the descendants of Benjamin Babb of Middletown, CT, it appears that Lester’s descendants may be the only people alive who can help us determine where Benjamin comes from. Most of Benjamin’s descendants who were fruitful and multiplied were females. But this one branch appears to have come all the way to modern day. Here is some detail on Lester to jog your memories.

Lester Angelo Babb was born 23 Sep 1872 in Otis, Berkshire, MA. He married Helen M. Waite in 1896.

They had 3 children:

Charles W. Babb (b. 1897)
Harry Richard Babb (b. 06 Apr 1899 in Blanford, Hampden, MA
Elliot Earl Babb (b. 1917 in Springfield, Hampden, MA

I’m looking for a living male descendant who still bears the Babb surname to conduct a DNA test. The BFA will pay for the test from an appropriate candidate.

Thanks for your help!


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