Infidelity discovered in Richard III’s DNA

DNA has confirmed the remains of Richard III, King of England, which was discovered under a parking lot in Leicester in 2012. Richard, the last Plantagenet, was killed in battle of Bosworth in 1485. The DNA also showed that he was the apparent child of Infidelity somewhere up in his family tree. There are markers which should have been inherited through King Edward III, were not present. The examination of his genome to identify the remains has provided an unprecedented look into his life and may yield more questions as it gives us answers.

The full story and a video released by the University of Leicester are available here:

DNA confirms King Richard’s bones

Babb’s who descend from Bathsheba Hussey & Thomas Babb (1-2) are distantly related. Bathsheba is the 3rd Cousin, 9 times removed from Richard III. It’s a distant relation, but an incredibly compelling story.

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