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I’m attaching a series of photos relating to the marriage records at Old Swedes Church & St. Martin’s Episcopal church. In the political world, this is known as “The Document Dump”. Releasing a bunch of documents over a beautiful weekend. Here, I’m simply taking advantage of a quiet morning to get caught up! These items were not seen during the our reunion due to the tight time schedule. However, there is nothing like seeing the original record so we wanted to make those available to you.

These first ones come from the Parish Marriage Registers at Old Swedes Church (Now Holy Trinity) in Wilmington, DE. The first register dates from 1713 and the second 1750. Other than the cemetery records, these documents are now safely stored at the Delaware Historical Society in Wilmington.

CoverPageOldSwedes1713 OldSwedesRecords1713-1750CoverPageOldSwedes1750OldSwedesRecordBook1750

Marriage Record of Mary Babb (1-2-1-9-1) & Thomas Bird


Peter Babb (1-2-1-4) & Mary Beeson, Married 11 Oct 1763.

PeterandMary1 PeterandMary2 PeterandMary3 PeterandMary4

Thomas Babb (1-2-1-1) & Sarah Bishop Marriage Record for 09 Dec 1751

ThomasandSarahBishop1 ThomasandSarahBishop2 ThomasandSarahBishop3 ThomasandSarahFoulk2ThomasandSarahFoulk3 ThomasBabb-12112-willThomsandSarahFoulk1

Matilda Grubb (wife of Thomas Babb) Headstone and cemetery records.

Location: St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Grubb Family Plot in Marcus Hook, Delaware, Pennsylvania, USA

Matilda Grubb Wife of Thomas BabbMatildaGrubbStMartins,MarcusHook,PAMatildaGrubb recordStMartinsGraveyard,Marcus Hook,PA

Some info about the Newark Union Cemetery where we did the Daughters of the American Revolution marker dedication for Thomas Babb.

Newark Union Cemetery info


Here are a few behind the scenes photos of Chuck & Michelle LaChance installing the DAR marker for Thomas Babb at Newark Union Cemetery. Thanks to them we had a very smoothly run reunion and a fantastic memory of the dedication.

DSC02183 DSC02184 DSC02188

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