Newsletter Delayed/$2822 left to raise

Due to a family emergency, delivery of the paper edition of the newsletter has been delayed. We are hoping to get it out this week. The situation has highlighted a growing need for us to go paperless to reduce the strain on our volunteers (Carmi & Myself). We will be getting this edition out of the newsletter in paper and will make some difficult decisions over how to proceed before the next one comes out.

I believe that the answer will turn out that we will provide it in a PDF format via email and those who want can print for their own records as they wish.

I don’t have much in the way of progress on the homestead to report due to the extremely hot weather in TN. But I can report that we have raised an additional $1839 since the newsletter went to press and now need only $2822 to finish the job. With that income the Preservation Fund has now collected over $50,000 since its inception about 6 years ago! I’m hoping to raise the remaining funds with the delivery of the newsletter and put this issue to rest.

Repost: Originally posted on Aug 14, 12

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