Log Home: Phase 2 Complete / Phase 4 Nearing Completion

The Structural phase of the Homestead’s Repair & Reassembly of the exterior is complete! This phase included the Log Repairs/Replacement as necessary/Restoratio­n, Ground Floor Joist System creation, Reassembly, Roof System & Roofing and finally the Gables.

As many will know from having visited the Homestead, the Gable was the big hold up here. We were holding back waiting on some interior components to be completed before proceeding. With those items still not falling into place we moved to complete the exterior anyway and will bring those pieces in through one of the doors when the time is right.

The Park Association is busy pulling together a Holiday Market to take place in the park surrounding the Homestead on November 30th, as a fund raiser for the Chimney (Phase 3). If you are in the area, please stop by to support the cause.

The Chinking (Phase 4) is complete, save a few touchups to be done in the coming weeks.

Now begins our work on the interior restoration (Phase 5). We have not been able to seal the deal to acquire extra flooring for the first floor and are in a holding pattern until more funds are raised or a new deal is found.

We are in negotiations to secure reproduction hardware for the doors & windows (Phase 5), which has proven to be more difficult that first thought. As it stands it is an unbudgeted expense of approximately $1000. The windows have been resized to fit and are awaiting glass. Modern glass is different than it was in the time of the pioneers and finding it in the right size and quantity is a challenge. We are looking at a reproduction glass that would be identical to the original and hope to have more info on it later this week. We believe this will be a $300 expense, but the price is pending on both until we reach agreement.

I’m waiting on these factors to be settled and will produce an updated budget to see what our remaining expenses will be. However, it is certain that we still need donations to complete the job. So, please consider adding Seth to your Christmas Tree Angel list for the holidays. Donations of any amount are appreciated. Tax Deductible donations can be sent to: Babb Family Association, 4252 Keys Dr., The Colony, TX 75056.


Repost: Originally posted on Nov 26, 12

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