First look at the Seth Babb Homestead Chimney

WCYB, an NBC News Affiliate in the Greeneville, TN area has picked up our story about the homestead reconstruction. The story makes it sound as though the home was just reconstructed in the last few weeks, which isn’t accurate. However, it does include several views of the rising chimney, which is almost as high as the roof line at the time of filming. There is also one last step before it is occupied, which is a new permanent roof, which is to begin as soon as the chimney restoration is complete. The historical inaccuracies he mentions in the story is really mostly just some window panes that are of more modern glass. We will go back and replace those as funds are available once it is finished. Finished…now, there’s a nice word! The end is in sight!

You can watch the entire story here:­news/historic-log-hom­e-resurrected/2690590­0

Repost: Originally posted July 11, 2014

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