Donations needed to finish the job

Recent work has exhausted our funds that were donated by the members of the Babb Family Association over the last 8 years. To finish this project we need more money. We are hoping to complete the reconstruction within the next 2-3 months in order to hand the building over to the Nathanael Greene Museum to start teaching school children about early pioneer life.

When I wrote my January update we were $23,500 from our goal of finishing Seth Babb’s Homestead. Lots has happened since, some good and some bad. We have come an amazing distance towards completion and I’m making what I hope is my last plea for donations. We need your money now more than ever to finish this job we started.

An estimated $10,200 of work remains to be done. Along with the money we raised at the reunion several donors have stepped forward with large contributions and we now need just $4,661. We are very close to achieving our dream and hope that you will reach into your pocketbook one more time to get us over the finish line.

Please make a contribution (that is tax deductible) by August 15, 2012 in as generous amount as you can to “The Babb Family Association” and please mail it to: Janet Babb, 4252 Keys Dr., The Colony, TX 75056. We are all now a part of this piece of history. It will be great to know that your children and grandchildren can visit this site, years later, and know you were a part of it.

Daniel G. Babb

Repost: Originally posted on Jul 6, 12

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