Blowing Smoke

I’m thrilled to announce that Fox Park foundation has received a grant from the Mary G. K. Fox Foundation for $5,000 towards the chimney restoration. I’m hoping this is the watershed moment that means we will be blowing smoke someday soon!

In other news, the strap hinges have been made and are awaiting the replacement front and rear doors. Once received they will be riveted to each other and will be ready for hanging. I have Canjoe John assisting with these final steps to move the process along. Many of you will remember Canjoe from the last reunion, who is also the worlds greatest Canjo player. Here is a short video of him performing “Black Mountain Rag” in 2008.

Finally, I hope to have one final work day, on the homestead itself, in the near future. I can’t schedule it until we have the doors at the Blacksmith shop. I’ll post again as I’m able to share that date. Stay tuned!

Repost: Originally posted on Sep 23, 13

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