Babb names on the Vietnam War Memorial

BFA Members Carl & Rose Marie Hustins recently and snapped this picture of the entry for Richard C. Babb, Jr. on the traveling Vietnam Memorial.

 Here is Carl’s note that came with the picture:

In the meantime, the Travelling Vietnam War Memorial was in Englewood, Florida a week ago and Rose Marie and I took the time to go see it. There are two Babb names on the wall and I have included a photo of one. I also did pencil rubbings of the names which are Richard C. Babb (the one in the photo), whose name is on panel 15 West, line 113; and Kenneth A. Babb, who is listed on panel 8 East, line 33. I do not kinow if this might be of interest to other members of the family. Hoping this finds you well, cheers, Carl/Rose Marie. P.S. Can you update me on any plans for the next reunion.

Repost: Originally posted on Jan 10, 13

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