Announcements! Announcements! Announcements!

I’ve just completed 8 different meetings over 3 days and am now back at the Knoxville Airport waiting on my little jet liner to take me home. The flight is running late, so I have more than a few moments to jot down my reflections on the weekend. Rather than a blow by blow account, I’ll just stick to the outcomes.

1. I’m thrilled to present to you the preliminary design for the park that surrounds Seth’s Place in Greeneville, TN. It will become a perfect place for weddings and events. This plan will be updated as feedback is received, so it should not be considered final just yet.

2. In addition to this big news I’m proud to announce that a second grant for the chimney in the amount of $5000, has been received, and the Park Association is now ready to begin work on the chimney.

3. We are slating to have the Homestead fully complete by June 2014, chimney and all!

4. We identified the following key priorities to be addressed in the next 30 days:
a. Weatherproofing: Some small leaks have developed on the roof, one window needs to have window panes installed and another needs 3 replacement panes. Stops will be added to the doors & shutters. Snowboard will be installed to seal the openings between the top of the wall and the roof.
b. Physical Security: Now that doors are installed, locks for each have been ordered as well as some hasps to better secure the upstairs shutters. Finally, the fireplace hearth will be sealed to prevent entrance from unwanted guests. The front door will be trimmed to eliminate drag on floorboards and a threshold added to keep weather out. The front door frame will be enhanced and the whitewash either covered or removed. A reproduction padlock will be ordered to placed on the rear entry door to provide the complete the process.
c. General site cleanup: We want to clean it up and make it look more like a home and less like a construction zone.

5. Additionally, the following items need to be completed by June 30th, 2014
a. Chimney Reconstruction: We are ready to roll and are inquiring with the Stone Mason about a potential start date. A decision has been made that the chimney will not be a working chimney. It poses a safety risk to the structure and otherwise it also would have to meet modern building & fire codes. Our Blacksmith has volunteered to apprentice with the stone mason during this project.
b. Stairs: The stairs need to be reinforced to accommodate “modern Americans” and a handrail will be added. This is needed to guarantee the safety of those who venture upstairs. I expect this to be completed by the end of January.
c. Interior Wall: This has been challenging, but we have mapped out a plan for completion and set the process in motion. I expect this to be completed by the end of January.
d. Additional security: A security system will be added so that the staff of the Museum can remotely monitor the structure.

6. The group agreed to monthly meetings until the process is complete. This will help to tip this project over the finish line.

Let’s go make this thing happen!


Repost: Originally posted on Nov 16, 13

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