A Birthday Gift

I got the great news while at my Birthday dinner (47th) that Carla Bewley had arranged the donation of Chimney stones which will count towards our Goods & Services goal. Along with several other donations has brought us much closer to our goal. I got a little confused because of the whirlwind of activity so tonight I sat down and redid the numbers. Here is how we stand currently:

$23,505 Total Needed

$12,696 – Cash Total

$9,474 – Cash On-Hand

$1,100 – Pledges

$2,122 Cash Left to Raise

$10,809 – G&S Total

$5,533 – G&S donated

$5,276 – G&S Left to Raise

$7,398 – Total Left to Raise

We are still plugging away at the total!

Repost: Originally posted on Jan 9, 12

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