Fantastic First Day

2011 Reunion

Hi all! We had a fantastic first full day of the reunion. We met for a welcome reception last night at Annabelle’s Ice Cream and it wasn’t long after that the rain set in. We have had a day of slow but steady rain and had a bit of a choppy ride over to the Isles of Shoals today.

But let me back up. We had a visit at Annabelle’s last night by the Editor of the Wire New Hampshire who is writing an article for an upcoming edition.

Today was all about Phillip Babb of the Isles of Shoals. We took a ride with the Isles of Shoals Steamship Company to Star Island, where we picked up a our box lunches and boarded a much smaller boat that transported us in three loads over to Appledore Island. Since it was a bit cold and rainy they were very gracious to offer us a shelter to have our picnic lunch in and then we proceeded down to Babb’s Rock for a memorial tribute to our founder Jean Sargent.

After a period for people to wander about the island we were transported back to Star Island where we heard from Julia Older, the author of several books about the island and one in particular about Phillip Babb called “This Desired Place”. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend it. It is available at http://appledorebook­

After a book signing and the attached photo opp, we were back off to the mainland.

Despite several setbacks throughout the day, I viewed the success by the number of people who were sleeping on the boat on the way back. 🙂

Tomorrow we are off to Salem, Greenland and New Castle. More then!

Quote of the Day: “It’s great to have your own personal island!” -Jon McCroskey

Repost: Originally posted on Jun 23, 11

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