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My initial searches led me far astray down unpredictable paths. As I am only 7 days from my trip, I realized I needed to step back and set a scope for my project to stay away from the rabbit holes, I have come up with a list of 40 names that I plan to research. The list includes Phillip and 37 relatives who all bring something to the table and were in or about the colony between the first records in 1652 to about 1700. Additionally, I have added two people of special interest who are: Francis Champernowne & Nicholas Shapleigh. These two figured prominently in the history of the area and have ties back to Devon, England. So, without further delay here is the Fab 40: Name: Birth Date: Relationship: Alice Mother-in-law of son Deborah Daughter-in-law Elizabeth Bef. 1687 Daughter-in-law Sarah Daughter-in-law Babb, Peter “1-5” 29 Sep 1671 Son Babb, Philip “1-3” 1666 Son Babb, Phillip “1” Abt. 1634 Self Babb, Sampson “1-4” 1668 Son Babb, Thomas “1-2” 1664 Son Babb, William “1-1.” Aft. 1653 Son Bachiler, Theodate 1598 Paternal grandmother of wife of son Baylie, Mary Abt. 1640 Wife Booth, Charles Husband of daughter-in-law Booth, Elizabeth 09 Jul 1687 Daughter-in-law Bragdon, Arthur Father-in-law of son Bragdon, Lydia Daughter-in-law Cate, James Father-in-law of son Cate, Sarah Bef. 1687 Daughter-in-law Champernowne, Francis Unrelated Conway, Thomas Father-in-law of son Gater, Judith Great grandmother of wife of son Hoit, Israel Husband of daughter-in-law Hollingsworth, Mary Mother-in-law of son Hussey, Bathsheba 21 Sep 1671 Daughter-in-law Hussey, Christopher Abt. 1597 Paternal grandfather of wife of son Hussey, John 1572 Great grandfather of wife of son Hussey, John Abt. 1632 Father-in-law of son Norton, Samuel Husband of daughter-in-law Perkins, Isaac 26 Jan 1611 Maternal grandfather of wife of son Perkins, John 23 Dec 1583Great grandfather of wife of son Perkins, Rebecca 1642 Mother-in-law of son Shapleigh, Nicholas Unrelated Taprill, Grace Daughter-in-law Taprill, Robert Father-in-law of son Tidd, Susan 1592 Great grandmother of wife of son Twisden, Lydia Mother-in-law of son Walton, Abishag Mother-in-law of son Wise, Humphrey “Wyeth” Great grandfather of wife of son Wise, Susanna Bet. 1618–1678 Maternal grandmother of wife of son Wood, Mary Abt. 1575 Great grandmother of wife of son The locations associated with the people above are: Amesbury, Essex, MA Ipswich, Essex, MA Lynn, Essex, MA Newbury, Essex, MA Salem, Essex, MA Greenland, Rockingham, NH Hampton, Rockingham, NH Isles of Shoals, Rockingham, NH Isles of Shoals, York, ME Kittery, York, ME As you can see from the list, I’ll be doing most of my searches in Essex, Rockingham & York counties, which is pretty much as I would expect. I will also be hitting the State Archives in Augusta, ME, state for their holdings.

 Repost: Originally posted on Apr 5, 10

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