DNA testing for Captain Thomas Babb

So, I finally got the chance to sit down and do some more research. With the help of Jean Sargent’s book Babb Families of America and Ancestry.com I managed to trace a line foward far enough to find a living male descendant of the Eastern Virginia Babb line. I am sending him a letter introducing the Association and myself and asking him to submit a sample for testing. I do not yet have his consent so, I’ll keep his name private for the time.

Anyway, should he agree, the plan is to test him to see if there is a connection between the Babb’s of the Isles of Shoals and the Babb’s of Eastern Virginia. That is the easy part since we have numerous participants who descend from The Shoals.

The harder part is proving a connection to Thomas the Captain. We know that Thomas had land in Eastern Virginia, and it is highly likely that his descendants are the ones we find in the area. But documentary evidence is scant from the wilderness that was Virginia in the1650s.

We will need to trace forward a male line for almost 400 years to look for a male descendant. This is quite a task, but the reward would be to finally prove where we come from in England.

Stay Tuned!


Repost: Originally posted on Aug 25, 10

4 thoughts on “DNA testing for Captain Thomas Babb

    • Unfortunately, they never replied on this. However, we are still looking for a descendant of this Thomas Babb to test and the Babb Family Association will pay for the test of the right candidate.

      If anyone reading this is a living Descendant of the Babb Family of Eastern Virginia, please contact me for more info.


      • I believe I am a direct descendant of Thomas Babb. My family’s roots are in Southeastern Virginia, not far from where Thomas Babb’s land patent was located.

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      • Hi Brian! I’m happy to assist with proving your ancestry. Send me your email address and we can take this offline.



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