Branching Out

So, we all know about Phillip, but not much about his children. We are embarking upon a research project to turn over every stone and learn as much as we can about Phillip & his kids. The results of this effort will be the foundation for our reunion that comes up next year. The plan of attack is to research the records at the City, County & State level, both civil & criminal, church & military. The plan is complex due to the nature of the area. The Portsmouth/Isles of Shoals area was initially part of the Massachussets Colony and many of the initial settlers who moved north from Plymouth. Plymouth was settled in 1620. This was 150 years before New Hampshire became one of the first 13 states of the US in 1788. Portsmouth itself was incorporated in 1653 which is about the same time we see records pop up on the Shoals. So, the first place to research is the Massachussets Colony, who’s complete Pre-Revolutionary records are contained in a 328 volume set. Fortunately, this set is available on Microfilm at the Dallas Library and most of the volumes are indexed. I would love some help on this so if you want to take a section of volumes to research in your own city let me know. Here is a link to the collection at the Dallas Library so you know what to look for: Massachusetts archives collection, 1603-1799 Dan

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