The Family Trees

The Babb Surname primarily originated in England, but also appears to have developed in Bavaria and Barbados. The Babb lines found in the US are almost exclusively on English origin, excluding those who trace their lines back through Pennsylvania and on to Bavaria. As of Oct 2017 no DNA examples of the Bavarian line have joined our DNA Group. More info on joining the DNA Group and what kind of test to take can be found here.

Each DNA proven lineage gets its own mascot and crest to help descendants differentiate between the lineages. These are NOT historical crests, but a modern interpretation of what they might have looked like had one existed.

Y-DNA proven lineages are:

New Babb Crest-Lions of the Isles of Shoals (2016)-02 copyNickname: The Lions of the Sea
Lineage #1: DNA-01
Progenitor: Phillip Babb of the Isles of Shoals
Also Known as: USA Pedigree 01
Dates to: 1652 in the Isles of Shoals, off the coast of Portsmouth, NH & York, ME
#1a: a group of Phillips descendants in the 20th Century from the Charleston, SC area that have an atypical genetic variation. Paper records indicate them to be descendants of Phillip Babb


New Babb Crest-Green Men (2016)-02Nickname: The Green Men of Maryland
Lineage #2:
Progenitor: James, William & John Babb(s)
Also Known as: USA Pedigree 03
Dates to: 1730s in Anne Arundel, MD



New Babb Crest-White Stags (2016)Nickname: The White Stags of Virginia & North Carolina
Lineage #3:
Progenitor: <First name unknown> Babb (bef. 1741) & a variety of North Carolina Babbs in (between 1680 & 1760s)
This disjointed set of Babbs have proven their connection via DNA, though no paper trail appears to exist to unite the lineage.
Also Known as: USA Pedigree 04 & USA Pedigree 05
Dates to: before 1680 in Nansemond, VA and various locations in upper North Carolina.


Nickname: The Dragons of Somerset
Lineage #4:
Progenitor: Robert Babb
Also Known as: Somerset Pedigree 01
Dates to: abt 1480 in Somerset County, England



Nickname: The Falcons of Fremington, Devon
Lineage #5:
Progenitor: Samuel Babb
Also Known as: Devon Pedigree 01
Dates to: abt 1781 in Fremington, Devon County, England




Nickname: The Good Shepherds of Hatherleigh, Devon
Lineage #6: DNA-06
Progenitor: Edward Babb
Also Known as: Devon Pedigree 02
Dates to:1675 in Hatherleigh, Devon County, England


Nickname: The Gryphons of Halberton, Devon
Lineage #7: DNA-07
Progenitor: John Babb
Also Known as: Devon Pedigree 05
Dates to: bef. 1748 in Halberton, Devon County, England