DNA-03: White Stags of of Eastern Virginia & North Carolina

A whole new line of Babbs

While researching a new members family line at their request I stumbled across an entirely new line of Babbs that were previously unknown to my predecessor Jean A Sargent and me. This line went unnoticed I believe because they bore the surname Babbs rather than Babb. While modern generations have dropped the “s” the way […]


The Blood Thickens: Babb Rosetta Stone Update

You may remember a post of mine from January 23rd, 2016 where I was able to prove a relationship between the Babbs of North Carolina and the Babbs of Eastern Virginia (http://babbunabridged.com/2016/01/23/the-babb-rosetta-stone-confirmed/). After our promising results, we realized that we needed to upgrade the test results for our early test candidates so that we could see how close […]


Solving the puzzle of the Babb Rosetta Stone

We have a new DNA sample at the lab processing as we speak. This time we looking to solve the question of whether there is a link between the Babb families of Eastern Virginia and those of North Carolina. This topic was recently featured in Volume 7 of the Babb Unabridged Series entitled “The Puzzling […]