Babb Unabridged (2015-2017) 1st Edition

Babb Unabridged, the book series, supersedes the Babb Families of America and Babb Families of New England — And Beyond. The name change became necessary as we had outgrown the US and incorporated the learnings of Ian Henry Babb who spent his life researching the Babbs in England.

This series only discusses the Babbs of English origin wherever we find them. Much has been learned since this edition was started and you will note two different styles of books. The first volumes were produced manually in Microsoft Word. I later discovered a tool that did the book assembly for me and put it to use starting with Volume 9.

I wanted to go back and redo the first editions to match, since it gives a much improved research experience. As I sat down to do that in late 2018 I quickly realized just how far we have come since then and had to reshape the series and it has become the 2nd Edition which will be for sale on this website.

Unlike Jean A. Sargent, I embrace technology and run a completely digital operation. It allows me to move swiftly as the tree continues to grow exponentially and issue new additions with the updated information.

We have learned an amazing amount about the Babbs in America since Volumes 1-6 were produced and those changes will reflect in the 2nd Edition.

I hope you enjoy your first look at the digital version of Babb Unabridged!

–Daniel Greig Babb

Babb Unabridged, 1st Edition Volumes:

Babbs in America

Babbs in England

Vol 1: Babb’s Rock
Volume 2: The Tale of Thomas (1-2)
Vol 3: Finding Philip (1-3)
Vol 4: Seeking Sampson (1-4)
Vol 5: The Provenance of Peter (1-5)
Vol 6: Breaking Down Benjamin Babb of Middletown, CT (2)
Vol 7: The Puzzling History of the Babb Families of North Carolina (5) and Eastern Virginia (4)
Vol 8: Drunk, Insolent, Disobedient & Babb: The Babbs of Maryland (3)
Vol 9: Dragons of Somerset
Vol 10: Falcons of Fremington, Devon
Vol 11: Good Shepherds of Hatherleigh, Devon
Vol 12: Gryphons of Halberton, Devon
Vol 13: Babb Families of Devonshire
Vol 14: Babb Families of Staffordshire-West Midlands
Vol 15: Babb Families of England

Need access to the archives?

Designed for Researchers who want unlimited access to the collected papers of Jean A Sargent, who researched the Babb Families of America and Ian Henry Babb (who did the same for the Babb Families in England). In all 23,000 pages of documentation and correspondence. from their combined 60 year body of work. This collection forms the backbone of my book series “Babb Unabridged” and will include older editions of the books themselves as they become.

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