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The long-awaited 2nd Edition of Babb Unabridged is here!

For the first time it is being distributed electronically available as a PDF e-book. It will be available in print after we have had a chance to vet the information with the user community.

As you review your branch, you can send me updates via the page titled Updating The Master Tree.

There are two options currently available to the community. You can purchase each book individually for $10 as a one time download, or you can purchase a subscription to the Archives, which never expires and will allow you to receive electronic updates for free for life (or actually $0.01 which is paid to PayPal for authenticating and encrypting the book to protect the copyright).

The Structure

The structure has been altered to allow for the vast expansion that has taken place in recent years. The tree now exceeds 30,000 people and contains 20,000 records. Expect a much larger set of volumes to become available as the edition proceeds that delve into to details of our family trees in a way that has never been explored.

Additionally, the volumes are now organized by their DNA Groups and Mascots which were first established about half way through the first edition. Those of you in the US will notice more significant change as a result of this update. After we discuss the various DNA lineages we will follow with a series of Appendices to discuss those whom we don’t have a DNA trail for yet. In all the series is just over 12,000 pages long.

A maxim in Genealogy is to get the original record. This was always difficult and primitive reproduction equipment hampered our efforts. Well, those days are long gone! I leverage the best of available technology to bring you a media rich experience that will blow the lid off of anything you have ever experienced in the “World of Babb”.

The benefits of an electronic edition are readily evident. Full Text Search, Hyperlinks, pictures in full color and the ease of updating the collection.

The list will continue to grow as new volumes become available.

I meant it when I called this series “Babb Unabridged”. Like an Unabridged Dictionary I will cover everything Babb that I can get my hands on, as I believe that we will only unravel the mystery of our collective origins by understanding the lineages of all of us.

Volume 01: The Lions of the Sea

Our series starts just as it always has, with a look into the legendary Sheriff of the Isles of Shoals. Phillip Babb (1) was such a character that legends of him still abound 350 years after his death. His lineage is by far the largest enclave of Babbs in the world and account for roughly half of the total Babb population. In America there is an 80% chance you descend from Phillip.

With this juggernaut of descendants, this volume’s structure is a little complicated. Each book in Volume 01 carries a Letter as well to promote clarity as to what the proper order is.

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Vol 1A: Phillip Babb (1)
Vol 1C: Thomas Babb (1-2-2)
Vol 1E: Joshua Babb (1-3-1)
Vol 1G: Philip Babb (1-5-1)
Vol 1i: John Babb (1-5-4)
Vol 1K: Phillip’s Contemporaries (1)
Vol 1B: Peter Babb (1-2-1)
Vol 1D: Philip Babb (1-2-3)
Vol 1F: Sampson Babb (1-4-2)
Vol 1H: James Babb (1-5-3)
Vol 1J: The Babbs Take Canada!
Vol 1L: The Amazing Ancestry of Bathsheba Hussey

Vol 2: The Green Men of Maryland

Vol 3: The White Stags of Virginia & North Carolina

Vol 4: The Dragons of Somerset

Vol 5: The Falcons of Fremington, Devon

Vol 6: The Good Shepherds of Hatherleigh, Devon

Vol 7: The Gryphons of Halberton, Devon

Vol 8: The White Swans of Buckinghamshire

Vol 9: The Potters of Staffordshire

Appendix A: Babb Families of Connecticut

Appendix B: Babb Families of Maryland

Appendix C: Babb Families of Bavaria

Appendix D: Babb Families of New York and New Jersey

Appendix E: Babb Families of Devon

Appendix F: Babb Families of Cornwall

Appendix G: Babb Families of England

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