Daniel Greig Babb

I serve as the Genealogist for the Babb Family Association and am delighted to call myself a 5th generation Texan. I do my best to assemble a master tree for the Association that includes over 17,000 people. My purpose in life is to rescue and restore the the artifacts associated with the Babb Surname and to uncover the origin of the manifold Babb lines through DNA testing and traditional research.

Jim Babb takes on the TSA

Babb Family Association member Jim Babb has founded a group that is in opposition to the TSA’s new scanners & exam procedures. He did an interview recently with MSNBC which is linked below. I’m passing on because he is a member and a Babb and not to make any point for/against the cause. I realize […]


More on Thomas & Edward Babb

I finally got to the Library to check out more on those early land records of Thomas & Edward Babb in Virginia. I have located the relevant Land Patents and posted them here. http://www.myfamily.­com/group/babb You will find them in the “Files” Area and can request access if needed Thomas received 400 acres between 1641-1646 on […]