Daniel Greig Babb

I serve as the Genealogist for the Babb Family Association and am delighted to call myself a 5th generation Texan. I do my best to assemble a master tree for the Association that includes over 17,000 people. My purpose in life is to rescue and restore the the artifacts associated with the Babb Surname and to uncover the origin of the manifold Babb lines through DNA testing and traditional research.

More of nothing!

OK, I’ve finally resolved the email problem that was keeping people from getting their invitations and have added the first 88 people to the site. You should have an email in your inbox now. I’ll be shipping the remainder of the tomorrow due to email send limitations and all paying members should have an invitation […]


Here goes nothin!

I’m going to attempt to launch the membership portion of http://babbunabridged.com tonight and will be issuing trial memberships to anyone who has previously purchased one. This includes those whose subscriptions have lapsed. I am fighting competing urges. One tells me to upload everything and then make the memberships, but then people will start creating their […]