Daniel Greig Babb

I serve as the Genealogist for the Babb Family Association and am delighted to call myself a 5th generation Texan. I do my best to assemble a master tree for the Association that includes over 17,000 people. My purpose in life is to rescue and restore the the artifacts associated with the Babb Surname and to uncover the origin of the manifold Babb lines through DNA testing and traditional research.

A Sailors Widow (1847)

While perusing the papers left by my English predecessor Ian Babb I came across this poem which was written upon the passing of George Babb of Bideford, Devon, England and wanted to share it with everyone. George was a returning from the West Indies and drowned on the return home. He is off the line […]


Cornwall Pedigree (Gerrans-1576)

Gerrans (Cornish: Gerens) is a coastal civil parish and village on the Roseland Peninsula in Cornwall, England, United Kingdom. The village is situated approximately seven miles (11 km) south-southeast of Truro.[1] The name Gerrans derives from Gerent, a 6th-century Cornish saint. The parish runs north-south along the eastern side of the Roseland peninsula. It is bounded to the south and east by the sea, to […]


New Master Tree Link

I began having trouble with the synchronized Master Tree on Ancestry and had to break the link and then re-upload it. There was only one day of work that was lost and I’m working to recover that now. I’ve setup a “Vanity” URL that will redirect you to the tree automatically should this ever happen […]