Daniel Greig Babb

I serve as the Genealogist for the Babb Family Association and am delighted to call myself a 5th generation Texan. I do my best to assemble a master tree for the Association that includes over 17,000 people. My purpose in life is to rescue and restore the the artifacts associated with the Babb Surname and to uncover the origin of the manifold Babb lines through DNA testing and traditional research.

Babe Ruth, George H. W. Bush and James T. Babb

This 1948 image hangs in the George H. W. Bush Presidential Library and shows Babe Ruth (Left) presenting his Biography to Yale University. The presentation takes place on the Baseball field and is presented to Team Captain George H. W. Bush (in baseball uniform). Standing to the right are Bob Kiplurth, Yale Athletic Director; Professor […]


Master Sargent: Morris Babb & General Douglas MacArthur

Research is difficult in this time period due to the the worst Genealogical Record fire in US History at the St. Louis Veterans Personnel records center. It destroyed something like 80% of all personnel records from WWI & WWII particularly for the Army and Air Force service members. So, there is little info available to […]