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Babb Unabridged is the Official Blog of the Babb Family Association. All things Babb are covered, but we will mostly focus on our Genealogical Roots and the preservation of historic landmarks associated with the family name.

Joining the Babb Family Association:

Members of the BFA support all the work I do.  Membership is simple. Find your renewal period, Add-on (aka Tag On) kids or parents (Your Spouse/Significant Other is included in the base membership) and send us the following info along with your check or money 0rder.

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Mission Statement:

Since its inception in 1989, the Babb Family Association has sought to provide the information necessary for Genealogical researchers to connect with their family tree. In 2004, a new mission was taken on to Protect and Preserve related historical artifacts. All programs benefit both its members and the general community who show interest in our work.


Educational Supporting Programs:

  • Newsletter: Our newsletter provides updates on all the associations’ workings and goes out to all members. It is also posted on the web for the general public as well as sent to a variety of Public Libraries.
  • DNA Scholarships: DNA testing is underway to prove the assumptions made in our research. It is hoped we will be able to connect several disparate lineages through this testing. Scholarships are available to pay for the tests to the first volunteer from each branch.

Preservation Supporting Programs:

  • Log Home Rescue/Restoration: Our most important project is the Rescue and Restoration of the Seth Babb Log Home in Greeneville, TN. The log home is to become the centerpiece of a new historic park that will be open to the public. The Museum plans to use it as the tool to educate students from area schools on the history of Greene County. Additionally, the park will provide space for weddings, concerts and other public gatherings. Seth’s cabin will be located on a plot of land adjacent to the home of the 17th President of the United States, Andrew Johnson which is maintained by the National Park Service. Each year about 50,000 people visit the Andrew Johnson National Historic Site and a large percentage are expected to continue to Seth’s cabin. The 225 year old structure was rescued in 2004 when it was in danger of collapse. It is the oldest surviving building in Greene County, TN. The homestead has been placed on permanent loan to the Nathaniel Greene Museum and the City of Greeneville.
  •  Digitization of Paper’s of Jean Sargent/Ian Babb/Daniel G. Babb: This collection of 29 years of research was bought by the Association and donated to the Handley Research Library in Winchester, VA. It spans 34 boxes. The collection was digitized and copies are available to researchers around the globe.

17 thoughts on “Joining the Babb Family Association

  1. Daniel Babb,

    My husband, Patrick Hargus, is the great grandson of Dot Babb. I have been starting to explore his family roots and came across your posts and Babb research. It sounds like Dot Babb is part of your family? Is there a published linkage? Thanks for any information you might have.

    Karen Hargus


  2. I am an 11th generation descendant of Phillip Babb of the Isle of Shoals on Hog Island (now Appledore Island), through Phillip and Mary’s son Peter. About 40 years ago, I acquired a piece of land approximately 1/3 acre on Appledore Island. It is situated on the “north side of the south hill” with rights to the roads, landing, and water from the springs on the island. This was the location of or very near to Phillip’s dwelling and warehouses according to researcher Faith Harrington. Due to circumstances, I must sell the property and would like it to stay in the “family” if at all possible. Please contact me if there is any interest: Debby Ronnquist, 611 Haley Rd., Kittery Point, Maine 03905, 207-439-3981, or .


  3. Hi my birth name is Graham Babb and I live in Huddersfield IN WEST YORKSHIRE England My family lineage comes from ipplepen in Devon and Trull in Somerset I have a family tree which has been traced back to the year 1511 where John and Joan were the patriarchs of the family ! the family also stretches to Crewkerne ,wellington and Taunton before one of the ancestors moved to Leeds in west Yorkshire which is the Lineage I come from ! If you would like details of the family tree I am happy to pass them on to you ! my email is


  4. Hello again as part of the Babb Family I am very interested in what you are doing I will certainly get the family tree off my father copy it and send it off to you ! As I said the majority of the family tree seem to be based in the south west of the united kingdom which is devon , somerset and cornwall before one of the family moved to Leeds in West Yorkshire. I am sure that somewhere along the line we must be related as the name Babb here in the united kingdom is very unusual ! I wish you every success in your search and look forward to seeing your findings
    Kind regards


  5. I found out last year that Mary McCool and Joseph Babb were my 8th grandparents. I took a DNA test through and have many matches to the Babb Family.I have additional information on the family of Abner Babb who married Martha Kellett. their daughter, Martha Babb. She married Garlington Coker. Their daughter, Martha E Coker married Delagall Campbell in Laurens Co, SC. That is my llneage.How do I send records of documentla to add this infomration tot Jean A Sargents’s work? Thanks for your help.
    Greenville, SC


    • Hi Bitsy! It’s great to meet you!

      As the Genealogist for the Babb Family Association, I am the keeper of Jean’s legacy. If you will send the records to me, I’ll get them added to the tree. Note that I don’t collect vital data for living individuals, just their names. I do this to protect their privacy and identity in these crazy times we live in.

      I’m also the Surname Administrator on, where we house the DNA data.

      I’ll send you an email offline and we can sort through the details.



    • LOL, I wish I was that smart! I do my best to protect the living, by not reporting any details of their life until after I’m aware of their passing (or until after their 100th birthday).


  6. Have you knowledge of this ancient man named Captain Thomas Babb, land grant in proximity of Winchester Virginia? Blink twice for yes and twice for no, then type how many blinks you blinked. I have an old tome in my possession titled The Book of Babb, interested? Yours for a years supply of spit in a BALL canning jar, and your social security number and go to password.


    • Captain Thomas Babb is a bit of a mystery. He is known to have sailed as far north as Maine and as far south as Virginia. There is a record of his son (also named Thomas) who is an attorney in Salem, MA. But very little is known about his relatives and no direct lineage to him has ever been established. Which is why he is hard to find in the trees.

      It’s my belief that he is related to Phillip Babb of the Isles of Shoals (Lineage 1), but I currently lack enough info to prove any connection. Thomas would have been in the US about 15 years prior to Phillip’s first appearance (1652) and also being the captain of a ship, the connection seems more than likely.

      It is also possible that he could be related to the Maryland Babbs (lineage 3) or the North Carolina/Eastern Virginia Babbs (lineages 4 & 5), all of which are within the range of his trading area. I believe this is less likely as those lines don’t seem to have been in America during his lifetime.


    • Hi and thanks for the message. This is one of the areas that I’ve never understood and thus haven’t yet included it in my book series. I have had contact with a gentleman from Barbados, who conducted a Y-DNA test. He is part of Haplogroup E-M2, which traces its roots to Sub-Saharan Africa. E-M2 is the most common Haplogroup in sub-Saharan Africa, with frequency peaks in western (about 80%) and central Africa (about 60%).

      I lost contact with the gentleman after not finding a suitable match, but would be happy to attempt to connect you if you believe this might be your line as well. The islands are only a couple hundred miles apart, so it is feasible that the two could be connected.

      Also, given Trinidad’s long term status as a British Colony, it is also very possible that someone immigrated from England to Trinidad. Those of British Descent will typically carry either I’ve seen a large number of cases of this sort of thing happening and would be happy to assist with working to help you connect the dots. Most of the English Babbs work into Haplogroup R-M269 or R-M198. Your complexion will likely be a good indicator of where to begin the search.

      You are welcome to simply reply to this message and I will see your response. All posts come to me for processing and I only approve those that aren’t of a sensitive or private nature.

      Nice to meet you!



      • Hi Daniel , I am very interested in my family tree , so far we have managed to trace it back to 1511 to a place called Ipplepen in devon – trull , Krewkerne where my ancestors owned quite a large area of land in Somerset then one of them moved to Leeds in west Yorkshire which is where my lineage is all these places are in the UK the two people found in Ipplepen were John and Joan Babb they were dated at 1511 ! there are still a lot of people in the devon / somerset area with the surname Babb so there may well be some good leads to follow up there ! I am aware that it is largely a west Indian name


  7. Hi! I would love to compare notes about this to see where you plug into the master tree. Are you able to share your research with me via GEDCOM, Family Tree Maker or Ancestry tree? That would allow me to double check and see where you fit in. 1511 is certainly an early date and Ippelen is very near Totnes, Doddiscombsleigh, Chudleigh, Newton Abbot & Teignmouth. All of which have historical connections to the tree. If they connect to Trull, this is an established DNA line that we could test for a connection to as well.

    You mention that you are formally Babb, is that due to an adoption or a female Babb descendant?

    Let’s start with your tree info and take it from there.

    Feel free to email me at



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