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I’ve been alerted to the most disturbing state of the Homestead of Sampson Babb (1-2-1-9). Previously, I wasn’t aware that this cabin even existed. But the image above, which was taken by our Resident Babbophile, Jim, lays bare the current state of this cabin.

It is in the very small community of Morris in Tioga County, PA. It is located behind the fire station and city hall. Apparently, it is being used by the Fire Department to store charcoal and grating for their annual chicken barbeque. I’m not sure if this is Irony or Ignorance, but we need to address this situation before it goes from bad to worse.

We are reaching out to the town leadership to see what we can do to help put the cabin back in proper condition. But we currently lack the funds to make any sizable repairs.

So, while I’m not yet sure of the price tag of this project, I must say that it needs to be chink and daubed. The door is not period, which is good, because it is partially destroyed by the fire that started inside it. The logs can be repaired and sealed to improve their appearance. The soffits clearly don’t seal which will allow small animals to seek refuge there during the cold winter months. Varmints can get in between the foundation and the lose stones underneath it.

On the positive side, it appears to have a good roof and the structure is stable. The floors were replaced in the not-too-distant past, so they are strong. Several efforts have been made over time to keep it safe. Those have extended its life greatly.

We need to restore this Homestead, just as we did Seth’s Homestead. It is yet another great treasure of the collective Babb legacy.

In that vein, I am announcing the Babb Endowment. The need will always outweigh the funds, but we don’t need to wait for something to burn like Notre-Dame before we take action!

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