Calling all descendants of David Leslie Babb b. 1946 Litchfield

Today we have a mystery of a different sort. An unclaimed inheritance of the Mother of David Leslie Babb has remained unclaimed. David appears to have been born out of wedlock and carried his mother’s surname.

Mary Elizabeth Babb is clearly a member of the branch we refer to as West Midlands Pedigree 03. As the Y-DNA line would have been broken along the way we have no DNA research to rely on here.

His mother is Mary Elizabeth Babb, daughter of Henry Babb & Annie Northover.

Mary Elizabeth went on to marry after the birth of David Leslie and bore four children under the name of Sheridan. While it has been explained to me that the Sheridan children would have first rights to the estate and descendants of David Leslie also stand to have a potential inheritance.

If this describes your family unit, please reach out to me by commenting on this article. Your comments are private until I mark them otherwise. I don’t share details online of living individuals, so never worry.


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