George Babb of Pembrokeshire, Wales and the Irish Coal & Coasting Trade

Today we visit yet another Babb in the Irish Coal & Coasting Trade. This time it is George Babb of Pembrokeshire, Wales. Wales isn’t a place we commonly associate with the Babb surname, and I don’t believe I’ve ever mentioned it previously on this blog.

Given that, let’s review where Pembrokeshire is and more importantly the town of Tenby within it. Wales falls north of Devon and Somerset across the Bristol Channel. Here is a map that explains how it adjoins England.

Tenby falls along the northern short of the Bristol Channel opposite of the Northern shores of Devon. Areas to its south are the shores of Barnstaple, Ilfracombe, Lynton and Countisbury.

We don’t know who this George Babb is, but he adds yet one more piece to this jigsaw puzzle.

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