The End of the Road

I have finally come to the end of the road with the 4769 Early Devon Records (1475 to 1840). I first started this quest on 20 July 2020. I didn’t get very far in that first attempt and had to restart my effort on Sept 22, 2021. By this time, I had an improved skillset on how to manipulate the data to remove duplicates and whittled it down to a mere 3119 Records.

I just did the math and 105 days have passed. That is an average of 30 Records/day. That isn’t at all how it worked in reality. I would hit it hard for a few days to a week and then put it down for a bit.

I’m quite sure everyone is tired and dazed at all the locations and tree names. I dare to say that there is no one sicker of it than I am. I’ve been pile driving through this collection for what seems an eternity.

Thank you for bearing with me through this arduous task.

While the real work on trying to make sense of what I’ve now collected has just begun, we now have the most complete record of the dawn of our Surname that has ever existing in one place.

I’ve added more than 3,000 names during the process to the database for the new total of 15,011 people in the English Database.

I’m astonished and exhausted. Best of all I did it just in time for this:

I’m taking the rest of the week off for some badly needed R&R.

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