Month: July 2020

Cornwall Pedigree (Gerrans-1576)

Gerrans (Cornish: Gerens) is a coastal civil parish and village on the Roseland Peninsula in Cornwall, England, United Kingdom. The village is situated approximately seven miles (11 km) south-southeast of Truro.[1] The name Gerrans derives from Gerent, a 6th-century Cornish saint. The parish runs north-south along the eastern side of the Roseland peninsula. It is bounded to the south and east by the sea, to […]


New Master Tree Link

I began having trouble with the synchronized Master Tree on Ancestry and had to break the link and then re-upload it. There was only one day of work that was lost and I’m working to recover that now. I’ve setup a “Vanity” URL that will redirect you to the tree automatically should this ever happen […]